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Water Mold Temperature Machine(CTCW)PDF

Water Mold Temperature Machine (CTCW)

Mould Temperature Controller

Use water as the heat transfer medium, connect the mold waterway through pipes, and directly exchange heat with the mold. It has the advantages of high heat conduction efficiency, less pollution, easy access to water resources, and low cost of use. Standard temperature control can reach 120~180℃.

Specifications Of Water Mold Temperature Machine (CTCW)

Standard specificationsSWD10-06SWD20-09SWD20-18SWD30-12SWD30-24SWD10-06ⅡSWD20-09ⅡSWD30-12Ⅱ
Heating medium
Max. process temperature120℃
Cooling methodDirect cooling
Heater powerKW691812246 + 69 + 912 + 12
PumpmotorKW0.751. + 0.751.5 + 1.52.2 + 2.2
Max.flowrateL/Min5611023531531556 + 56110 + 110315 + 315
ControllerTemperature controlPID control
Temp.detection methodJIS K
AlarmsAnti-phase,default phase, supply water pressure,pump overload,over temperature,sensor failure
FittingsCooling water inlet/outlet 
(common size)
Proess inlet/outlet (common size)Inch3/8” X 43/8” X 43/8” X 63/8” X 83/8” X 83/8” X43/8” X43/8” X8

+3/8” X 4+3/8” X 4+3/8” X 8
Electric power source Specification3P 380V 50HZ

Features Of Water Mold Temperature Machine (CTCW)

  • Equipped with communication interface, can undertake future industry 4.0

  • By the national standard 304 steel shape anticorrosive food durable and convenient

  • Multiple protection devices meet the highest safety requirements

  • Accurate PID temperature control technology, unique rapid cooling

     mold temperature technology, durable valve improvement technology,

     pump and heating device anti-corrosion technology, constitute a nearly

     perfect temperature control machine.

Water Mold Temperature Machine (CTCW) Working Principle

Water Mold Temperature Machine (CTCW) Working Principle

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Mould Temperature Controller
Water Medium Mold Temperature Machine
Water Mold Temperature Machine Ctcw Gallery
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